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How to Show Promotions Multiple Positions on Your Resume

How to Show Promotions Multiple Positions on Your ResumeHow to Show Promotions Multiple Positions on Your ResumeYou came to the right place to learn how to write about multiple positions on your resume. Just give this a thought firstLets say youve been with the same employer for 15 years.At your company, youve held many different positions. Youve even had an internal versetzung or two and held senior positions.CongratulationsBut now, youre ready to move on to a new adventure. So, its time to make a new resume.And thats about the moment when you realize that you dont know how to show a promotion on a resume. Not only that, but youre struggling to list multiple positions at the same company.Do you write the name of the company over and over again? It looks weird.How do you show off your promotions? How do you show off your career progression?If you dont know where to start, you arent alone.Thats why this article will show youThree different strategies for how to show a promotion on a resume.How to list multiple positions at the same company on a resume.How to draw attention to your career progression to impress hiring managers.Want to save time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes? Try our resume builder. Its nicht weit davon entfernt sein and easy to use. Plus, youll get readys of Resume Action Words for Every Profession2How to Show a Promotion on a Resume When Duties ChangeAgain, ask yourselfAfter your internal promotion, were your duties the same? No?In that case, youll want to use strategy number two.Strategy Number Two Separate Entries for Each TitleWhen each position is different, each position will need a separate set of bullet points.So, youll want to create separate entries for each position. But you can still use the companys name as an umbrella to save space.Again, start with the name of the company and add your starting and finishing dates.Next, add your current position with dates. Add up to six bullet points describing your responsibilities and achievements. Be sure to include one bullet point that explains your promotion.Finally, add your previous positions and dates. As you go back in time, you can add fewer bullet points and less detail. Focus on the reasons leading up to each promotion. Then add your best achievements for each position.Heres an example of how to show a promotion on a resume using strategy tworightChunky Monkey Jeans(June 2011 s)When making a resume in our builder, drag drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check. Start building your resume here.Create my resume nowWhen youre done, Zetys resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better.3How to Show a Promotion on a Resume When Theres a BreakLets say theres a situation where you leave a company and come back later.On your second time around you get a promotion. How do show a promotion on a resume when you left a company and came back? Thats where strategy number three comes into play.St rategy Number Three Adding the Company TwiceThis is the only strategy that requires you to list the name of the company twice.As always, you will start with your current job first.After, list all previous jobs in reverse-chronological order. If you held other jobs in between your stints at the same company, put them in between your two roles.Youll add your dates and a bullet list of responsibilities and achievements as usual.Heres an example of how to show a promotion on a resume using strategy tworightShift Manager (June 2016 - Present)McDonalds, Kettering, PAAchievementResponsibilityAchievementResponsibilityAchievementResponsibilityCashier (September 2015 - June 2016)Hearts of Gold, Kettering, PAAchievementResponsibilityAchievementResponsibilityCrew Member (June 2015 - September 2015)McDonalds, Kettering, PAAchievementResponsibilityAchievementwrongMcDonalds (June 2015 - Present)Kettering, PAShift Manager (June 2016 - Present)Crew Member (June 2015 - September 2015)AchievementRespo nsibilityAchievementResponsibilityAchievementResponsibilityHearts of Gold (September 2015 - June 2016)Kettering, PACashierAchievementResponsibilityAchievementResponsibilityThe example is incorrect because the jobs are notlagelage listed in reverse-chronological order. Your jobs need to appear in the order they happened. That way, a hiring manager can get a clear picture of your work history.Pro Tip Lets say you are working two jobs at the same time. Youve gotten promoted in both. Does it matter which you lead with since theyre equal? In that case, lead with your most relevant job first. Which one is the most like the job for which youre applying now?Not sure how to list professional experience on a resume? Need more help constructing interesting bullet points? Read our guide Job Description for a Resume How to Describe Your Experience with Bullet Points4How to List Multiple Positions at the Same Company on a ResumeLets say that youve held multiple positions at the same company, but not because you were promoted. These are called lateral moves.Lateral moves can happen for all sorts of reasons.You switch departments and change titles.Your company goes through a merger.You change roles within the company.Whatever the case may be, youll use the same three strategies for listing multiple positions at the same company on a resume. The only difference?You dont need to add a bullet point explaining how you got the role.So, the good news is that if you know how to show a promotion on a resume, you know how to show multiple positions at the same company.So what would it look like if you change your position or job title but your duties remain the same?Dangling Modifier Department Store(January 2012 - Present)HollyOak, MOAccessories Sales Associate (January 2013 - Present)Fragrance Sales Associate (January 2012 - January 2013)AhievementAchievementAchievementAchievementAchievementAchievementAnd how do you list two jobs at the same company on a resume when the duties are d ifferent?Captain Captain Business(January 2012 - Present)HollyOak, MOBusiness Development Representative (January 2013 - Present)AchievementAchievementAchievementAchievementAchievementAchievementSales Development Representative (January 2012 - January 2013)AchievementAchievementAchievementAchievementAnd what happens if you left your company but came back after some time to fill a different position at the same company? You add all your roles to your resume in reverse-chronological order as they happened.The other thing you may want to remember is that you dont have to group multiple titles under companies. You can lead with job titles on a resume and add company names underneath.The benefit of stacking multiple job titles under the umbrella of a company name is to save space on your resume. It also signals that you have clear career progression within one company.Pro Tip The most important resume tip is to do what you can to draw attention to your best qualities. To do that, you can adjust formatting and layout to accommodate your needs. What you decide to highlight should be as close to the top of your resume as possible.Want to know more about how to format several positions a resume? Not sure which resume format is best for you? Read our guide 3 Resume Formats How to Choose the Best One ExamplesKey TakeawayFor professionals with a lot of experience, organizing a resume can be daunting. So, its not surprising that many professionals find it difficult to figure out how to show a promotion on a resume. And yes, it does take some thought.If you do it well and follow a strategy, a hiring manager can tell right away that you are a valuable hire. You are someone who gets promotions and does good work.If you do it wrong, hiring managers may never even see your career progression.When writing about your promotions, remember to highlight them properly so that they immediately pop.Be consistent with your resume layoutwhatever way you choose to list promotions and mult iple position, stick to it throughout your resume.

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